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Dear reader! I should notify that everything in this book is nothing but fiction, its just a way how the author sees our beautiful and complicated world.

All the characters are fictional, so don’t try to find any similarities with people in real life. You can always say that the author is  biased, but so he is...

Last fall during a business trip to New York I was invited to the New Year (according to the Jewish calendar) event in a theatre "Millennium.  At the beginning of the event, that was attended by many immigrants from the former USSR, the presenter said that here was the founder and director of the Jewish Chamber musical Theatre – Yuri Sherling, that was me…

During the intermission, the audience surrounded me asking about my life, my family, about the theatre… They were talking about the important role of its performances for a free life and for the rights to live wherever you want.

Young people, who have never seen our performances, wanted to know where to find information about this theatre, its performances and artists…. Nowhere!

And I realized that to tell everybody about the theatre, about the true feat of its team in the dark days of Soviet anti-Semitis, about loneliness in a crowd is my sacred duty. And I decided to fulfill it by writing this book…


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