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Alexandra (Shura) Sherling was born to be famous. Her talented parents, Olesya Sherling (mother, vocalist, composer, jazz musician & improviser) and Yuri Sherling (father, Honored Art Worker of Russia, Doctor of Arts, composer, theatre director, choreographer and writer) just could not give a birth to an ordinary child. From age of 4 Shura (so her parents call Alexandra) stunned everybody by her rare gift of singing. Little Shura made renowned jazz musicians respect her unique talent. She felt very at home on stage, had excellent English pronunciation and musicality. At such early age she was a very impressive performer.
Shura won her first Prize and the Gold medal at “World Talents” international contest in Los Angeles, (USA) when she was 6. Than there were a Special Award at the “Bravo-Bravissimo” competition in Kremona (Italy), participation in “Children- stars to Children of the World” TV Marathon in Amsterdam (Holland), live performance at Moscow Jazz Festival dedicated to Gershwin’s 100 anniversary. Igor Nikolaev, a popular TV host and producer of “Morning Star” high rated TV show, spotted that petite girl with big blue eyes and a “bob” hair cut. Shura’s smash success on the show was a beginning of her professional life in music.
While Alexandra is growing her commitment to Jazz has firmly stayed up. In 2003 she takes part in a jazz festival, in 2004 she graduates from Music School at the Music College of Pop & Jazz with a firm desire to pursue singing as a professional career. In 2008-2009 she has been working on a new solo jazz album with Valeri Grohovsky (Grokhovsky), prominent pianist, Professor of Texas Conservatory (USA). 
Nowadays Alexandra Sherling feels very comfortable with other music styles. She sings, writes lyrics and composes music in R&B, Pop and Dance. However Jazz is still her favorite trend.
No doubt Alexandra Sherling is the best young jazz singer in Russia with lots of credits and respect from music professionals worldwide. Alexandra’s strong, with sensual sub tone voice is so beautiful and clear that listeners have goose bums when they hear this strikingly penetrating sound. In one of the interviews to a magazine Alexandra once said “Frankly it is so much of me that I cannot fit into myself”. Looking at Alexandra you understand that it is so true, it is hard to believe that so much talent and potential can accumulate such a young human being except this human being is Alexandra Sherling.

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